Praying in the New Year

Something I want to start doing is adding prayer to each Holiday. New Years Eve/Day is usually filled with parties of questionable meanings. I think this year I am going to ring in the New Year with our Our Lord Jesus.

I praise you for the blessings You gave me during 2018 (Psalm 100:4-5). Specifically for getting my family through medical issues, for allowing strength back into my body and having Bubbie find us (Psalm 9:1). Forgive any sins that I committed during the year for I am sure I have (Romans 3:23). Help me grow from those mistakes and let go of any hurt (Philippians 3:13). As I head into 2019,  I want to shine my light (Matthew 5:16). I want to remember Your truths (John 1:14) and write Your word on my heart (Proverbs 7:3-4). Fill my cup with You Lord (Psalm 23:5). Please, help me through any trails and fires this coming year (2 Thessalonians 3:3).  I know You are a comforter (John 14:26-27 and I know your love for me is more then I can comprehend (1 John 3:1). More then anything I want to remember Your will not mine (Luke 9:23).
In Jesus Name (Philippians 2:9-11),



What is Bible Journaling?

I started being interested in Bible Journaling back in 2014/5. At the time, Rebeka Jones has a series of tutorials on Youtube, Documented Faith by Stephanie Ackerman was taking shape and Shanna Noel started her monthly Kits. However, at the time, I couldn’t afford the Bible with wide margins, so I did all my Bible Journaling inside a notebook until I was gifted a journaling Bible. While I finally had the Bible to use, I still didn’t fall in love with it. Maybe because I didn’t understand it fully or maybe because my heart wasn’t in it. I didn’t fully commit to Bible Journaling until 2018. I bought a new one on sale during Black Friday and decided to start.

When I first started Bible Journaling, I thought that Bible journaling was illustrating exactly what the passage was saying like the kids picture Bible. However, as I have grown as an artist and in my faith, my view has changed. Bible journaling now is a personal choice in using art, illustrations, pictures, or notes to expand, explain or journal about the passage/s (verse/s) in the Bible. Much like the popular art journaling in a dictionary. For me, it has become a journal about my journey with God. While I use pictures and stickers to illustrate my point, I also make sure to write prayers. How you Bible Journal is what you feel comfortable doing. Nothing wrong with using a notebook too.

I started Bible journaling when I was really into art journaling so a lot of the supplies from my art journaling days were able to come over to my Bible journal. However, the simplest anyone needs is a regular Bible and a regular pen. Color pencils are usually a fun and cheap way to add color. Remembering that God doesn’t see the supplies or that it’s a composition in best artwork, He sees the heart, your heart. Spending time with the one that created us is really what is important when Bible Journaling. However, if you really want to get more artistic, I would say to try a few techniques from with Shanna Noel. A free class offered by that goes through a lot of the popular ways to document in your Bible using Art. Shanna Noel is the owner of Illustrated Faith an online workshop, printable and devotional kit store. Her heart is amazing, so she is defiantly one to help you.

When I first started Bible Journaling I was also stuck on where to Bible Journal at. The Bible has 66 books (more if you’re of a different Christian branch) so staring a blank Bible can be overwhelming. For me, using a physical Devotional Kits available from really helped me focus on where to start. The Devotional Kits usually come with a few art supplies like stamps, stickers, or die cuts along with a several journaling prompts to respond to in the Bible. Now that I have a years’ worth of Bible journaling, I feel more confident to try Bible Journaling from what God is whispering to me. If you are at church or in a study group, any lessons being taught/learned can turn into entries in your Bible. When reading a religious study book, any notes taken could also be a great way to respond inside the Bible. Worship songs that are singing receptivity or touching you, would also make wonderful entries.

Don’t let the fear of messing up stop you from Bible Journaling in a Bible. If you can be brave as God has called you to be, documenting inside a Bible is life changing.

Goal setting with One Little Word of the Year

I find resolutions too lofty for me. One year I set them and I still haven’t achieved more than half of them. That’s when I realized that goals and resolutions can be two different things. For me, resolutions are far off dreams that you hope will come true mostly by themselves. A goal, to me, is like a road map helping you get to where you want to be. I have done all types of goal settings; five-year ones, S.M.A.R.T. ones, Level-10 ones, etc. I found the best goal setting is paired when I use my one little word/word of the year as an idea. Choosing a word acts as a dream or guide to how I want to feel or where I want to be by the end of the year and by adding goals with my word, I learned that I am able to achieve that feeling.  There are two ways that I set goals with my word, yearly and monthly.

The first one was introduced to me by His Kingdom Come, a site that sadly no longer exists. The idea to make an acrostic, poetry or word art where the first or last letter in a vertical line spell out a particular word. The year I had peace as my word I choose goals using those letters, so I  wanted to persevere, excavate, attune, cultivate and extend. Each of those words not only made up my own little word but also were attached to the areas I wanted to improve in. So I wanted to have peace in my life and to do so I had to ‘persevere’ where I was, I had to ‘excavate’ God’s word, I had wanted to ‘attune’ into my families needs, ‘cultivate’ and ‘extend’ peace where I could find it. While these goals were not as measurable in the details, but at the end of the year, I did achieve each of these goals. The acrostic gave me areas to work in and towards. I could have set each goal or area more specific as I needed.

I found the monthly method when I was working on my word free and again with my word love. The idea is that during the first week or so during the month, I would find another word to guide me. When I had ‘love’ for my word of the year in January I decided to focus my love in the area of my ‘faith’. Then in February, I realized I needed to focus love into my ‘heart’. While my monthly focus love words or goals were more an idea when I had free as my word the monthly words or goals were specific. I freed myself from materials, from an area stress and so on.

I love goal setting with my one little word/word of the year. I feel by doing so I decided how much or how little I need to achieve in order to be successful with my word. Some years are better than others, and that’s okay for me. However, since I started goal setting with my word, I can see visually see changes that I can point to both when and why.

A Place for Me

Photo Aug 06, 12 56 45 PM

Writing a new post on a new blog is a little scary. I feel that blogs are slowly fading into old technology, which makes me nervous. Yet, with the new algorithms on the new social media sites, I feel the best way to keep up with anyone or to keep writing my story is to use a blog. I am drawn to share so I’m going to commit the time and effort to create an amazing blog, one step at a time.

Photo Aug 03, 7 49 49 PM

I am starting this blog in hopes to share a few of my real-life stories. Let me introduce myself, my name is Cody Doll. I am residing on the east coast of Florida with my partner and my new fur friend (stray cat) Bubbie. Along with those two, I have my mom and special needs brother in the town over that I often hang out with. I am a stay at home wife with a huge hobby for creativity. One day I hope that creativity will bring income. I love to bible journal the most. Bible journaling has filled my life with meaning I never knew. I am feeling closer and closer to the Lord. I don’t feel I am religious, just that I have a relationship with Jesus and His/Our Father. I likewise have a love of other creative outlets that involve paper; scrapbooking, planning/bullet journaling, journaling, art journaling. If papers are involved, I will try the craft. Along with my belief in God, I also believe that anyone can draw or be creative. When I’m not crafting I am usually reading. I found my love of reading pre-internet days. Right now, I’m reading through the Bible Chronologically. For relaxing, I enjoy reading a few classics. If I’m not reading, then I don’t mind enjoying the evening watching a few Netflix shows or movies.

After reading all that, I almost sound like an 80-year woman. I have been told I have an old soul. I don’t think my life is dull though. With my special needs brother in and out of the hospital, my own medical issues, and my new cat friend keeping me on my toes, plus all the little stories leading up to before I even thought of a blog, I’m sure I will have plenty to write about.